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Paper Crafts To Make

We generally buy paper as something to write on. But paper has some other uses too. It is an ideal stuff for making crafts art or paper crafts. Paper craft, as the name suggests, is the unique art of making models from Paper. Generally they are handmade and use heavy paper or cardboard as source material though plain paper is widely used by the non-professionals for making paper crafts.

There is a lot of ambiguity regarding the origin of this concept. Some of the experts claim that this art is developed in Japan through their unique art of origami. But certain others consider China and Spain as the country of origin. Despite of its origin, paper crafts are widely used and India is no exception in this regard. With the invention of printing machine, printed paper models became extremely popular in the 20th century. It is worth mentioning certain industries like hallmark and Angel have become extremely popular because of their unique paper cards.

Paper craft mechanism can be divided into 2 categories. One is origami and the other one is card modeling. Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. Under Origami paper structures are generally made without glue and without any cut. Origami designs can be like simple hats or it can be as complex as paper structure of the Indian Parliament. This type of art is more famous in Europe, USA and other western countries. Another type of paper craft is paper modeling. Unlike with Origami, this art uses glue and cuts and these are its backbone. One advantage of paper modeling over origami is that paper used in paper modeling is generally pre-painted. Therefore they do not require extra time for beautification and hence saves time. This type of paper crafting is popular in entire globe.

Paper crafts are generally used for decoration and they are the best alternative of plastic decoration. Paper crafts are quite inexpensive as compared to plastic decoration and they are environmental friendly too. It can be used for gift packing; greeting cards and so on. Despite of its uses and availability, paper craft are not in demand. Gift papers and greeting cards by multinationals are its only primary usage. Paper craft can also be beneficial for adults to expose their creativity and art. Paper crafts can be used for designing elegant flowers, decorative gift wraps, art to match different themes, creating shapes of animals.