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Turkey Paper Crafts

The activity of doing turkey paper crafts could be so much fun, especially for your little kid. Your memories probably often conjure up and you feel nostalgic about your childhood and the moments you spent playing with your parents. Do not deprive your child but let him or her have also memories which will conjure up when he or she grows up.

You do not have to use as an excuse the fact that you are clumsy because the turkey paper crafts are so easy-to-do. What you need is paper but using ordinary white paper is not a good idea. Make your turkey many-colored when you use green, red, yellow, orange or brown paper. This way you will make the turkey tail look really attractive to your child. What you are also going to need is scissors and glue.

Basically, there are two ways which you can use to make a turkey- an easy one and a more difficult one. The difficult way is to draw the turkey on a piece of paper and then cut it out with scissors. You can also draw several shapes with the shape of a bubble, like these in the comic strips. They will serve as feathers for the tail of the turkey. The easier way which you may use if you are not very skilful is to print three templates: the first one for the turkey, another one for its tail, and the third for its wings. You will not need to use colorful paper then as the templates will be colored in lots of vivid colors. However, you will still need to cut out the wings and the tail feathers because they will be glued to the main template of the turkey. If your child is too little, do not let him or her cut out the small pieces. It is a good idea you allow your kid to cut out the tail as it is easier and you'd better take care of the rest. When all cutting job is done, then it is time for gluing. It is completely safe and you can let your child glue the wings to the turkey. Then, you should start gluing each feather for the tail one by one until it starts to look like a real tail you will probably need around 10 feathers. Before gluing the leather, you can ask your kid to write something on the feathers- what he or she is feeling right now, for example.

The turkey paper craft is so much fun to do. You will give your precious son or daughter wonderful moments and enjoyment. Why don't you write on the leathers of the turkey what you are thankful for? This way you can make it a turkey paper craft for Thanksgiving. It is a great idea, isn't it?