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Wedding Paper Crafts

Wedding paper crafts have ever been as an important mode of social expression, a great art and a popular activity since the Victorian age. The Victorian generations loved their decoration, especially anything that was done with flowers and lace. You have a lot to learn from some of their lovely wedding crafts. Most of these ideas reflect that particular historical time, a time when the love of beauty, the importance of self-expression, the wonder of creativity and art, was bestowed with the highest honor than ever before.

Most of the Victorian wedding paper crafts were easy, creative and totally inexpensive to make, if not costless. Favors for instance have remained popular in modern weddings yet they originated from the Victorian age. Favors ideally give thoughtful touch of celebration to any wedding ceremony. You can make some pretty favors by just assorted colored rolling paper doilies carefully into cones and then gluing them all along the seam. You can then stuff them with tulle rounds and fill the entire cones with wedding rice, candy, potpourri etc. For a unique touch, you can then decorate the cones with colorful ribbons, stickers or charms.

Another great way you can use the paper doilies, which is a very popular wedding paper craft with Victorian roots, is to make Tussy Mussies. Tussy Mussies can easily replace your floral bouquets held by bridesmaids or even by the bride herself. This is one way of cutting costs, being creative, embracing creativity and giving your wedding a personal touch.

To do this, follow the exact procedure adopted while making favors and then attach some five-ribbon streamers of the wedding colors all over the cones, from a single point where they are all glued together. The ribbons should hang down, ideally from the front of the cones. Insert some tulle rounds into your cones and then fill them with silk, real or dried flowers.

Wedding paper crafts are great in their allowance for a personal taste and creativity. The ideas detailed above for instance, are just exemplifications of how you can use your imagination to craft authentic masterpieces with paper. Many sites are dedicated to paper crafts and you should read as many informative articles on the same to tickle your imagination. Let the Victorian themes, art and creativity inspire your wedding crafts towards functional and decorative ends.