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Bible Preschool Crafts

To avoid kids from getting bored, nearly all local churches conduct a summer activity for kids. The fun-filled interactive session are activity based and keeps boredom at bay. This week long program engages kids in games, crafts, socializing and in learning religious concepts. A properly planned Bible preschool crafts does wonders for the kids.

Churches normally charge nothing or just a nominal fee for participating in these programs. The fee charged is so nominal that it does not even cover the material and supply cost. To defray the costs of the program it is best to use free printables from internet sites.

So those of you who have been elected or volunteered to teach crafts to preschool kids log to various internet websites to prepare yourself. A good collection of Christian and Bible printables are available for no cost on the internet. Literally hundreds of puzzles, crafts, crosswords, games and activities can be printed. Plan the activities a month or two in advance as this will help you motivate the kids.

Think of a theme that will attract both the boys as well as the girls. Paper crafts, fun with colors, creations for clay, bubble formation, environment, playing in sand are some of the themes that you can think of.

Once you have decided on the theme, note down the goals that the child has to accomplish. Have a different theme everyday and make it exciting, this will helps the kids stay charged up and return the next day. Ensure that the kids not only learn but simultaneously have fun as well.

Assigning task to the kids will encourage them to return. For example if each group of kids is given the responsibility of making puppets for a play they will show more enthusiasm and return.

Rotate to various themes like snack time, art, music, bible lessons and crafts each day. Money is not the most important criteria for creating activities, use the imagination of little kids to make the program a success.

Offer every kid a prize for completing the assigned work efficiently; this will encourage even a disinterested kid to do well. Short and easy activity is the key to success. You could always improvise and bring in your own variations to the program. However, improvement comes through error and trials. Remember this is a fun-filled activity. If for some reason it is not liked by the kids move on to the other activity.