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Christian Preschool Crafts

Craft provides a great medium to learn different things. Also kids love to do craft and hence it is easy to keep their attention on what they are learning. In fact the child does not realize that he is being taught something and takes the craft activity to be a fun game. Younger the child, more impressionable is their mind, and hence it is important at such an age to select the right activities for them. Christian Preschool Crafts are an excellent way to introduce your child to different themes and concepts of the bible.

Christian preschool crafts will make the child imbibe the various teachings of Christianity at an early age. Children absorb more information when the teaching is coupled with various activities like singing, acting and making various items related with the theme. Christian preschool crafts can have different themes or scenes chosen from the bible. A popular story is of Noah's Ark and it has a lot of potential for various craft activities.

Children can be asked to make the various masks needed to dress up as the various animals in Noah's Ark. You will need lot of cardboards, papers, paints and glue, for making the required items. You can get them to make the Ark also and the various dresses worn by the people at that time. The animal faces can be drawn by the kids or pictures can be cut and stuck on the paper to be used as the masks. You can improvise with cotton wool for the fur and various body coverings, like a striped suit for a tiger and so on.

When a scene is enacted by the children with the items they have made in Christian preschool crafts, it has a much bigger impact and they learn much faster and easier than reading the same stuff from a book. Noah's Ark is just one story and the Bible has so many more stories that can be made into a crafts project. You can never run out of ideas with the bible as there is so much to learn and teach by way of craft.

Christian Preschool Crafts will make the child learn of the various Christian festivals and how they are celebrated. They not only become aware of the stories associated with them but also imbibe the various teachings that they convey. Christian preschool crafts form an important part of a Christian child's education and should not be ignored.