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Crafts For Toddlers

Toddlers are so innocent and fun to have around. When it comes to crafting, you have fun working with them but you have to be highly alert to make sure that they do not mess around with the crafting material. To make it safe, you should come up with crafting ideas that are safe enough. You should not show them craft works that take too long. At this age, children want to do things that happen fast. If you keep them waiting, they will wander off into other things. This means that whatever craft you choose, it should be very simple.

Another way to keep a toddler engaged in a crafting activity is to avoid reprimanding them. These young children tend to cry at the slightest provocation. You should be friendly and persuasive to win their attention and once they see how well you are crafting, they will start doing without you. Remember that you are dealing with a child of a very small mind and do not make them think like other grown up children. A toddler cannot take up challenges. If you force them to do so, they will lose interest.

Fun is a must when crafting with a toddler. They like things that are easy to experiment with. For instance, painting with their bare hands can be more fun to them more than doing it with a brush. This should not worry you. However, it is a good idea to buy a paint that is friendly with the children. You should go to a toy shop and buy one that is made for children's games. Another idea is to make it at home by mixing some edible food colors that will not affect your children. It should be non-sticky to avoid stains that will never come off.

You should think broadly on the things that interest your children. If they love the zoo, assist them to make animal prints. Things like the sun and fields should be easy to guide your child on. If they are uncooperative, just let them go wild to paint on the things they want. They like showing off their work. Do not put them down. Clap for them on each effort they make and with time they will learn to make things that you can figure out. It takes a little time to teach a child any skills and crafting is a lesson that a child masters out of frequent practice.