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Dinosaur Preschool Crafts

There is nothing more fun than hearing a bunch of preschoolers make noises like they are dinosaurs. Dinosaur preschool crafts are always a fun time and engage the children like no other. Girls and boys both enjoy learning about these leviathans that roamed the earth and even though their names may be difficult for them to pronounce, they can spot the dinosaur in a heartbeat when you ask them. There is no end to dinosaur preschool crafts, especially when you search the Internet for ideas.

There are numerous things that can be done with dinosaur preschool crafts. You can help you children learn about archaeology by helping them create their own 'fossils'. Using leaves, sticks, bugs, even handprints, you can easily explain to them how fossils are formed as they make their own using modeling clay that hardens. Help them create dinosaurs from Popsicle sticks or paper and let them use their imagination when creating them.

One of the most fun dinosaur preschool crafts out there is called the Me-O-Saurus. Simply ask the preschooler to imagine what they would look like if they were a dinosaur. Give them a large piece of paper and any other craft material you have and then trace them on the paper. Let them decorate their Me-O-Saurus the way they want to and then display their artwork. You may find that you have a bunch of Mike-O-Saurus' or Betty-O-Suarus' in your class, but you enjoy watching them as they decorate their outline.

Another enjoyable dinosaur preschool craft is allowing your children to make dinosaur teeth from modeling clay. Let them shape the teeth the way they want to and then poke a hole in the top of each tooth before letting them dry. When they teeth are dry, help the preschooler string them on their very own necklace, turning them into mini-dinosaur hunters who where their prize with pride.

There is nothing that cannot be done when it comes to dinosaur preschool crafts. Search for ideas on the Internet and be surprised at what you find. You can even find kits that allow the children to 'excavate' dinosaurs from large blocks online. From coloring pages to models, you can help your children enjoy learning about dinosaurs. For some extra fun, play a popular dinosaur cartoon while the children are engaged in their crafts or find a documentary appropriate for their age for them to watch. They will be fascinated with everything they learn.