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Fall Preschool Crafts

Fall is an exciting season. All the leaves are colourful, they fall down from trees in different shades of colour, different speeds and beautifully fall on to the earth ground. Fall marks the beginning of holiday seasons such as Thanksgiving and Halloween. Hence, the season itself has much to look forward too, it also marks the end of summer, a loss for some and a happy occasion for others! Nevertheless, whatever the case may be, preschool's make sure to mark the season with an educational type of learning, such as making fall related crafts within classrooms for children to make and take home. Fall preschool crafts can be extremely beneficial to children in an educational fashion and a social aspect. Let us take a look at some beneficial factors that play a key role in the slightest task such as making crafts, and an excellent idea of a fall craft for preschool children.

Making crafts at such an age, or any age for children in general, is beneficial in many ways. A child's cognitive ability is enhanced more so and along side it a child's hand eye coordination. A child becomes more apt at identifying different shapes, colours and utensils. The practical use of tools allows children the ability to problem solve and to learn the use of different objects and how they can use them to their advantage. In a social aspect, children learn to work together, learn to share items here and there, learn to acknowledge each other's work. In addition to that children at this age can pick up essential virtues such as patience and perseverance, while making crafts these two come hand in hand.

An excellent idea for preschool children to engage in a lot of fun and create a superb fall craft would be their own personal imitation of a leaf drawing. Children should set out, under supervision, and look for a favourite leaf of a certain colour, which ever they prefer. This will give them a bit of exercise and bond with nature and other children around them and even a breath of fresh air, sort of like a school trip! Once each child has found a specific leaf, they take it back to school, place it on a flat like surface. Once that is done, the child must cover his or her leaf with a paper. Now, take crayons and simply colour all the leaf area, allow all the bumps and stems of the leaf to seep through the drawing. And now they have their very own leaf!