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Father's Day Preschool Craft

Father's Day is that day on the calendar which is most special for many dads, especially those men who are fathers for the first time! If you happen to be working at a day care centre or happen to be a mom, following are a few fantastic ideas to work on which are related to craft projects for father's day, along with your child.

A simple gift that you could work out with your child is a paperweight. It is something that is fun to make, and every dad definitely loves it, especially when the children write cute things or what they want to write on each of the pieces.

The items that you would require are a paint brush, glitter pens, acrylic sealer, marker if needed, paint, medium sized rocks.

First of all, all that you are required to do is take the kid out for a walk and help him pick out a stone that is approximately the size of your palm. It should be heavy enough to be able to hold the papers down. You will be painting on it so you might have to look for those that are big enough. The kids will totally enjoy looking for stones and probably collect every stone that they see.

When you are done collecting the right sizes of these rocks make sure you wash them properly and let them dry so that you could use it for creative purposes. It is important for it to dry since you will be painting on it. You could fasten the drying process by wiping it with a dry paper towel.

This is the most fun part, since now the kids will paint the rock of any color that they may like. Whichever paint they use it is required to dry well before using it for the next step.

Once the paint is dry, they will now be able to write what they wish on it. Phrases such as "happy father's day" or "I love you Dad" is indeed very touchy and brings a personal touch to it. You could as well use glitter pens or markers or whatever you may wish at this point.

If needed, you could also help the child glue a picture of his to the block instead of writing anything on it. This will be sealed later, so it is important for it to dry completely.