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Free Preschool Crafts

When talking about preschool crafts we think about silly activities that make kids happy when performing them. Apart from that, these activities are very important as they enhance the skills and develop our children's imagination. Crafting is one of the most fun activities that children do at kindergarten. Teachers need to combine education with entertainment in order to form children for the primary school, therefore crafting might be one of the best options to consider.

Preschoolers just love to colour. This activity is very constructive as the children learn about the colours, how they fit together and also they gain information about the things that they are colouring. Teachers can find colouring pages with different themes such as alphabet, animals, bible, numbers, flowers or famous characters and so forth in order to make the children understand the meaning of each thing they colour.

Leaves are very economical and can be used in multiple ways. Take the children out for a walk to gather all the leaves they consider to have interesting shapes. Make them use the leaves when creating different things such as door hungers, leaf collections, collages or wreaths. This is a fun activity and also educative. Children will learn about the nature and to distinguish the trees.

Boxes are very common objects that you can easily find. Try to use them in educative ways. Let the children create houses, cars, trains, castles or dolls using the boxes. Colouring them or adding crepe paper will make beautiful decorations for kids` rooms.

Another interesting craft which will teach children about their family history is the family tree. It doesn't require spending money and it is also very educative and easy to make. The needed materials are: branches from a small tree, paper, a cup and pencils. Glue the branches to the cup. Cut the paper making small leaves and attach them to the branches. Children can write the names of all the family members on each leaf in order to create the family tree. The child's generation goes at the top of the tree, the parents in the middle and the grandparents at the bottom.

Preschool crafts are useful to children as they have a good time creating many interesting things. While playing, they learn useful things, jogging their imagination and finding answers regarding their wanders. It's a good opportunity for the child to build a positive self image, to cooperate with others and to be rewarded for the work.