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Holiday Pre-school Crafts

Pre school children have a lot of time on their hands to get many of the craft projects done. This is especially true when the projects are near some occasion like the Valentine's Day, Christmas time, Halloween's day, Mother's day Father's day etc. What ever be the occasion, these craft projects are truly a fun filled time for both the parents or the grand parents and the tiny kids.

One great idea to have fun with your pre-school kid is to make a Valentine heart wreath for the special day. You will need lots of construction paper in different colors. These construction papers are one of the most effortlessly feasible crafts, so is quite apt for young children and adults in a similar way. All you essentially require is a pair of scissors, a pack of glue and lots of construction paper. Though these are the fundamental material any one will need to create thrilling crafts out of the construction paper, there are other innumerable kinds of other Knicks and knacks which can add to the attraction and appeal of the crafts. Buttons, glitter, pieces of colored glass, beads, colored pieces of plastic etc. The list seems to be never-ending.

There can be countless kinds of designs or crafts made from the construction paper craft, but the basic or the primary theme is to have fun. So now that you have decided to make a Valentine day heart shaped wreath, let us first go about getting it done. The hearts should be drawn in different sizes, so that they can be seen very clearly and do not over lap each other. The different sizes should be drawn on different colored papers.

Now the next step is to cut the hearts very carefully along the borders of the drawing done. The hearts after cutting can be assembled neatly in a place and remember to keep a paper weight on these hearts top keep them from flying around and getting dirty and stained. Get a paper plate and cut a circle in the centre, so that the size of the circle covers about three fourth part of the paper plate quite smoothly. Now you are left with a paper rim, which can be used as a base on which the paper hearts can be stuck on to. Just apply glue only to the lower part of the heart and nicely arrange them in order of the size, with the smaller ones in front. The Valentine's Day heart wreath looks enchanting.