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Preschool Christmas Crafts

Children love to make things for their parents when they are little, especially preschoolers who come home carrying their crafts as if they were the most precious treasure to be found. Christmas time is even more exciting for these budding artists and getting the children to participate in preschool Christmas crafts is usually pretty easy. They love to work with their hands and have their minds stimulated while still learning what the season is all about.

Preschool Christmas crafts are a great way to also entertain small children who are now stuck inside during the bad weather. It keeps them busy with a constructive activity that leaves them feeling proud of what they have accomplished. Preschool Christmas crafts can range from homemade ornaments that they will insist on hanging on the tree to simply coloring a page from a coloring book of a favorite Christmas character, like Santa Claus. No matter what preschool Christmas craft you choose to engage your little one in, they will love making it for you.

These preschool Christmas crafts do not have be highly detailed or use objects that they children will need help with. One of our favorite ornament crafts simply uses cotton balls, a medium pine cone, a pipe cleaner, and other items that are easy for small hands to handle. This particular ornament, a baby snow owl, can engage the children by challenging them to find pine cones that are the right size to bring in to school or even give them a small field trip to take with their class. Children love to be outdoors even in the cold and the sound of their laughter and squeals of delight as they find pine cones will make anyone smile.

Other preschool Christmas crafts can be made with something as simple as two pieces of paper, crayons, a pair of scissors and a tracing of their hands. The traced hand is used to represent the antlers of a reindeer. Imagine how proud your child will be when they give you this craft and explain to you how they did it and that the antlers are their handprint.

Engaging the mind of a child is paramount to them loving to learn as they get older. There are many great suggestions for preschool Christmas crafts online that you can use to help stimulate your child. Whether you are a preschool teacher or a parent looking for something fun to do with your child, preschool Christmas crafts are sure to please.