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Preschool Crafts For Easter

Easter is definitely the time for lot of activities in the Pre School. The teachers and the Pre School children are both excited about the craft activities they are going to do for that particular Easter. There are hoards of ways to get the activities done. But the most important thing is the need to develop social skills and encourage the children to make an effort themselves.

The children should be encouraged to take help from each other to help them build up the proficiency of group or team work. This also helps them in being more convinced of getting the crafts activity done to conclusion. The young children may not be able to complete all the activities to excellence, but the teacher needs to give confidence and be glad about the efforts of the children. It is always a fantastic idea to ask for inputs from the children themselves in this regard. You would be astounded to know about the children, they really can come up with extra ordinary ideas, when asked to get involved.

One craft activity for Easter is to get an Easter basket prepared. You can use an empty tub of margarine after thoroughly cleaning the tub and drying it. The paper punches will definitely come in handy here as they will be required to punch in hole across the tub. Now the next part is to cut long strips of colored tissue paper. Spread lost of glue on to the exterior side of the tub. The strips of colored tissue can be glued on to the tub in an appealing criss cross manner to get the tub totally covered by tissue paper pattern on the exterior. The Easter basket is now ready. You may also add floral strings to the holes and secure them properly to get a perfect basket which can be carried around with the strings. The Easter basket can be used on Easter day, to fill the basket with the gifts the child may receive. He or she can treasure all the gifts in this wonderful Easter basket and carry them around too. Or they may want to use these Baskets to carry over gifts to their friends or cousins.

What ever the activity being done, the most important thing to remember is to keep the spirit of the festivities intact and to enjoy the time spent together and above all the aim should be to have fun.