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Preschool Crafts For Mothers Day

May is the month in which Mother's day is celebrated and we take time to honor and say thanks to mothers among our family and friends. Craft is a fun medium for children to learn about different occasions and holidays. When the child is very young it will absorb information fast and is very impressionable. Preschool Crafts for Mother's Day is an important learning experience for the child and the different craft projects will make the child aware of the importance and meaning behind the celebrations.

There are many different preschool crafts for mother's day which are simple to make and makes an ideal present from the child to its mother. We will see a few of these crafts here.

A card is important for any occasion and so first we will see what card can be made for mother's day. For preschool children it will be very difficult to make a full card so the best thing is to download different designs of mother's day printable cards from the internet. Preschoolers can then cut the downloaded card and you can give them a poem or message which they can write in the card.

Another card idea is to cut paper into the appropriate size and then make the child put his thumb and finger prints with a stamp pad on the card. These prints can be embellished to look like flowers and leaves by crayons.

A simple gift box is another preschool craft for mother's day which can be easy to make. Take a cardboard box and let the child paint the box in a design or color that he likes. Then the child can stick glitters or stickers to enhance the looks. Fill the box with shredded silver paper or foil. Put an assortment of chocolates inside and get the child to attach a message or poem to the box, and the mother's day gift is ready.

Another gift idea as a preschool craft for mother's day would be to make a decorative wrapping for a good soap. Take a bar of soap and wrap it in either decorative paper or felt. Let the child glue the ends of the wrapping. After its dry stickers, glitter or small flower cuttings can be stuck on to the wrapper. Let the child also tie a colorful ribbon around the package, and the gift is ready.