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Preschool Crafts In Sunday School

Sunday school is an extremely important part of any children participating in it, for their own respective families and for themselves and their own personal religious growth. Hence, it is extremely vital that Sunday school is seen as any other institutions within the educational board. It is important to emphasize that Sunday school can also be as fun, therefore the use of crafts can be fun for children for all ages. Preschool crafts within Sunday school are a fun and educational way to get children involved in a learning environment and a religious environment. These aspects are very essential to a growing Christian child within our society today. It is equally important to install these values in to a child at an early stage so that they may grow in to confident young adults that will take the reins of the future in to their own hands, where we will then take the back seat. Let us take a look at some educational and religious benefits of preschool Sunday school crafts and an example.

The benefits of preschool crafts within a Sunday school environment can be very monumental when bundled together as a team effect. Individually, making crafts at such a young age is beneficial to the child's cognitive development and dexterity. In addition to that, as the children are immersed within this environment, they learn their respective religious values and also increase a better social developmental aspect. This combination is essential within Sunday preschool grades. Forming values such as these at a young age is key.

A great activity for a preschool craft within a Sunday school environment would be an angel. What you will need is a triangle piece of construction paper, a circle of construction paper and a circle of random white paper such as a doily, glue and as other decorative options you may include glitter glue, sparkles of any kind and sequins if available to you. The instructions are as equally simple as the list of materials. First you will decorate the triangle construction paper with all your decorative items, such as sparkles, sequins, glitter glue, marker drawings and so on forth. Now fold the white circle doily in half and glue it together. Once you've glued it together, glue that doily on the back of your decorated triangle. Now take your circle and clue it to the top of the triangle, which makes the face of the angel. And there you have an angel!