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St Patrick's Day Preschool Crafts

An important day exists between Valentine's Day and the Easter. This day's theme is green and is often an acknowledgement of the inner Irish spirit. This is Saint Patrick's Day. This day is nearing with every passing dawn and dusk. You should put your act together and start preparing the best crafts to fit in with this day.

St Patrick's Day preschool crafts are an ideal way of showing that you appreciate the Irish pride. The crafts to use here are shamrocks, rainbows and leprechauns. These pieces of craft should be graced in pots of gold.

You can be sure that children will love leprechauns. Their work is to serve as mascots. They are often used in the most sugary cereals. They can be compared to other crafts of different sizes in order to make children happy. Rainbows can also make much of a difference in Saint Patrick's Day. Preschool children need to be taught about all these things and you are the person to do it. Any of the preschool crafts can be used to create decorations inside the entire classroom. Yu will be surprised at how beautiful the classroom will be.

In the case of Leprechaun Children, you have to show your children some pictures and images of many leprechauns and instruct them to draw a painting of each of them. Each child has to complete each drawing on her own. Tell the children to let each painting dry. Once it is dry, tell them to cut out a photo of every child's face. Each photo should be the size of a thumbprint. Glue this photo very carefully on your leprechaun. Laminate it using waxed paper and then hang it as a magnet on your fridge.

The leprechaun hat should be the most central part of your leprechaun image. You can make a simple hat using paper bowls and paper plates. Simply take a paper plate, make a hole in the center. Make this hole smaller compared to the paper bowl rim. Then, attach your paper bowl to this hat using glue or staples. From here, children have to decorate each of their hats. You can even let them do it in competitive environment.

The Shamrock is another craft that is important for children to practice making during Saint Patrick's Day. The Shamrock is the symbol that officially represents the Republic of Ireland. This symbol is often said to be a source of good luck. Although this might not be an easy for a preschool class, it is worth trying out, all in the name of adding to the fun of this day.