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Winter Preschool Crafts

The winter presents all sorts of challenges to the parents and teachers of preschool children. After all, the winter comes complete with cold weather, a bunch of different holiday traditions, and possibly even snow. Finding something to keep the children from becoming bored because they cannot enjoy the outdoors is not hard. Winter preschool crafts can very easily incorporate the holidays, the cold weather and snow.

Winter preschool crafts can be large or small depending on the size of your home or classroom and the interest of the children. Crafts can include the children drawing a winter scene that you can use a mural or on single pieces of paper in their own scene. Have them cut out winter scenes from magazines and make a collage. You can even have them explore making snowmen with cotton balls and black magic markers.

One thing to remember is that winter encompasses more than just Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's. Valentine's Day, President's Day and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day are also winter holidays that you can explore with your children. It is never too early to start teaching them about historical figures. For example, President's Day crafts could include silhouettes of the presidents and then silhouettes of your children.

If you simply cannot get your child outside you could engage them in a winter preschool craft that also stimulates their imagination. Make a sled with your child out of cardboard and then invite them to 'sit' in the sled. Ask them where they are going with the sled and encourage them to pretend they are riding the sled down hills or have it drawn by horses. Let their minds take them on an adventure in the sled they made and simply enjoy wherever they take you.

When exploring winter preschool crafts for your child you simply need to make sure that they are engaging activities that will stimulate their minds and hands. You can also challenge your children to move about the room in ways that are associated with the winter. For example, ask them to show you how they think ice skaters and skiers move. Ask them to show you how winter animals move. Make masks of animals that come out in the winter for them to wear when doing this physical activity.

If you find yourself with a child that insists on going outside in the snow, go out with them and enjoy yourself.