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Back To School Crafts

Do you remember all crafts which you used to make while you were a student? You probably had so much fun at these lessons while your teacher was explaining how to make one kind of craft or another. Yes, those are really precious memories and we all feel nostalgic about them as we know they will never come back.

However, you can experience all this fun and happy emotions again and with your child. Even if your kid does not go to school yet, you still can make some crafts which they are going to make in school. Of course, you probably do not remember what kind of crafts you made, and some of them probably have changed. That is why you are going to read about some of the school crafts which are made in schools nowadays. You will prepare your kid for these classes and at the same time will hark back at the past.

Don't say that you don't remember the sweet Bookmark Man which you made in school. It is so much fun doing it and the result is really good as there is nothing you could possible do wrong. What you need is a template of the man which is usually given by the teacher but as you are not a student, you can just download it from any website or draw it by yourself. You actually need to make two draws of the gingerbread-man as the first needs to be glued to the other. Just glue the side of the first man which you had already cut out and then put one of the loops of the clip on the glued side, next- you should place the other gingerbread-man so that it is glued to the first one and the clip is between them. You can use paint, pencils or nail polisher to color the man from the both sides so that it looks more attractive. You already have a very nice and cute bookmarker which your child would be happy to use.

And do you remember how happy we were when we made our own day counters and we could count the days of the week. Let your child also experience the fun and make this craft with him or her. If you do not remember all instructions, here is what can help you with. You need seven cardboard tubes (these from the toilet paper are perfect). Just cut them in a way they are not the same height. For example the first one is 10cm, the second- 13, the third- 16 and so on. You need to glue the roles one to the other in a way that they look like stairs- the first one is the lowest, the second- higher, and the last one is the highest. Then mark each role with a number- the smallest one should be number one and the highest- number 7. Then you can put in the roles whatever you want such as pencils, pens, erasers, clips etc. It is very beautiful and practical.

Those were some crafts which you made when you were a student. You should definitely make them again with your kid. The fun you and your child are going to have is guaranteed.