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Christmas Clay Crafts

Usually, the best way you can look forward to spending a fun full time together during the Christmas period is by learning how to make a homemade Christmas craft clay gift.

Craft clay is one of the easiest Christmas craft projects. Four different kinds of clay projects are found here and these include a tree ornament, a star ornament as well Santa ornament and a wreath ornament. It is very easy to make clay recipes and the materials needed usually are: Flour-4 cups, salt-1 cup, water - 11/2 cups.

The flour and water are mixed in a large bowl and then water is added. The clay is then kneaded very well. Cookie cutter shapes like a tree, star, Santa or wreath can be used to make the clay ornaments. There can be detail additions or alternatively, the clay projects can be handmade and the photographs can be used as a guide. Mostly recommended is working with the clay craft on a piece of tin foil which is later transferred to a baking pan.

It is imperative to stick in a paper clip as a hanger once the Christmas gift is complete or otherwise you can purchase hangers that are pre-made at the local craft stores. Important to note is that the hangers should be inserted into the ornaments before baking.

Before the baking process starts, a fine mist of water should be sprayed on the Christmas craft armaments. This is to ensure that the Christmas crafts come out with a nice golden color.

During baking, be aware of the thickness of your clay, but it is recommended that the baking should be done at 350 degrees until a golden brown color is achieved. The clay is then allowed to cool.

The Christmas ornaments crafts can then be left at the natural brown color and a clear vanish paint can be sprayed on them. They can also be decorated using tempera paint and then sprayed using a clear vanish paint.

It is really very simple to learn how to make a homemade craft clay Christmas ornament. Moreover, it is great activity for the whole family. This is loved by kids and the best part is that you end up with a very beautiful Christmas ornament craft that can be cherished for a lifetime by your family.