Craft Fair Show

Various crafts are made and sold directly at Craft Fair Show. Crafters sell their crafts at the local markets or retail shops. Appointed Craft Consigners help the crafters to sell their crafts for a fee of 10% on sale price. If the product is not sold in the given stipulated time, the consigners contact the crafters to ask, if they would like to lower the prices. This is how crafts are sold.

Craft Fair Show Guides are published in advance this gives the crafters ample time to plan and prepare the requisite quantity. Basic information like location, dates, place of the site, fees, and etc all is mentioned in the guide. When crafters decides to sell crafts at a fair or festival, they have to follow the following steps -

* He must see that he has enough goods to sell. If he doesn't have he needs to start making more goods.

* He won't have to spend a lot of money to participate in the fair/festival. He can invite all his friends and relatives for support and encouragement.

* When one applies to enter a festival, he must be aware of the cut-off date so that he can fill enough goods.

* He must pay the fees on time and follow all the rules and regulations of the fair/festival.

* The crafter must check with the local government about all the taxes and permits needed for taking part in the fair.

* He should be willing to put in a lot of time and hard work because without pain there is no gain.

* There are various books on Craft Fair Show which offer tips for crafters to sell their products.

There are some basic tips to run your stall smoothly, such as -

* If you want to take a break, do not leave your stall unattended. Ask your friend to take care of your stall when you are away.

* Organize your stall and discard all empty boxes.

* Sometimes people can't make up their mind about what they want to buy, so make sure that they are able to contact you after the fair.

The Stalls at the Craft Fair Show must be kept neat, as a clean and neat place often attracts customers. If there are jewelry items, keep or hang a mirror at the stall for the benefit of customers. It is determination and hard work put in by the crafters that makes the Craft Fair Show a big success.