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Craft Show Ideas

So you have gone to numerous craft shows and have had little to no success. You cannot understand why people are not interested in what you have to offer. Your product is top of the line and according to everything you have read about crafting, it is one of the most sought after items. So why aren't you selling more? Believe it or not it could be because your craft show booth is simply not appealing to your customers. Many people do not realize that they can brainstorm the best craft show ideas and still bomb because their presentation is not drawing in your customers.

Consider this craft show idea: get a sign for your booth. Tell people who you are. Draw them in. Signs really are a way of shaking hands with the people milling about a craft show. It tells them who you are, what you are selling, and catches their attention. It does not leave them wondering what you are offering. It tells them quickly and to the point what they want to know. Make sure your sign fits your booth d?cor but is still outstanding to your customers. You can create an eye catching sign on your home computer or order a specially made one from just about any office supply store.

Another craft show idea for you to consider is how your booth is laid out. You need to let your customers more through your booth easily without feeling like they are crowded. It should flow naturally and if it's possible have an entry and exit point. Make sure you set up your payment area at the exit. This is the natural ending point for your booth and most customers will gravitate to it if they have questions or are done browsing your merchandise.

Do your customers understand what your craft product does? This may sound like a silly thought, but many craft show ideas simply do not fly because people really aren't sure what your item offers them. For example, if you sell woodcrafts and you have a paper plate holder on display make sure it is holding paper plates. The holder by itself may not tell your potential customers what the thing does. With the paper plates in the holder, they can see how it is used. If you have to, actually show the customer how your craft works if it is not easily apparent.