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Fall Craft Ideas

Fall is a wonderful time to enjoy both nature and the outdoors. There are various ideas to be taken from nature during the falls for any craft project. The fall is a time when the trees shed their leaves and the most common spectacle that greets you out doors is the sight of leaves of all colors, red, brown and maroon lying strewn all over the place.

The dry leaves are an excellent material for some wonderful craft ideas. The dried leaves can be pressed and then hand painted with oil based paint. Once they dry off they can be used to embellish greeting cards or even used to decorate a wall hanging or any other stuff. These painted leaves will look wonderful if stuck on a card board and can be a great idea for a collage. The card board needs to be painted or covered with a colored construction paper to look better and to make the colored leaves stand out. The point to be noted here is that the back ground needs to be colored either white or in a light back ground for the colored leaves to be visible clearly. The glitter may be sprinkled on the leaves after they are painted but are still wet, to give a more marvelous and brilliant appearance.

Another craft activity option for the kids is to make a leaf napkin holder. The materials which will be required are a card board which is used to roll a paper towel, artificial fall leaves, a pack of small pumpkins or gourds and some felt scraps. The card board requires to be cut in to one or one and a half inches wide rings and keep each of them aside. The card board rounds can be now painted once they are all cut up in to the desired sizes. Always use a bright color like fluorescent green or orange or yellow. These card board rings need to be left out to dry thoroughly. The other alternative is to cut the felt scraps and stick them to the outer part of the card board rings. The napkin holder is almost ready now. You just need to stick the artificial fall leaves in the centre of the rings with the glue. Take care to secure them properly; you do not want the leaves to fall out. Now the baby gourds or the pumpkin can be glued on to the centre of the 2 different artificial leaves and then ensured to be firmly put in to place. The napkin holder is ready.