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Foam Christmas Crafts

The festive season is here and you are thinking of various ways of decorating your house. If you get your family and kids involved in crafts you can have a very festive looking house in no time. With the rising costs it will work out much more economical to make the majority of decorations and gift items at home itself. One of the materials which is easy to work with and which can be easily made into different items is craft foam. There is a huge variety of foam Christmas crafts you can make, and mainly requires you cutting this springy material into different shapes.

Craft foam is available in sheets in a range of vivid colors. Foam Christmas Crafts are so easy to make that you can make a project for your kids and they just love to do these crafts. Craft foam is mainly used to create hanging decorations for the Christmas tree and also as gift tags. You will mainly need the templates or outlines of different objects like stars, Christmas tree, snowman and so on which need to be placed on the foam and just cut along the outline.

You can search online for the shapes you want and print on a thick paper of stick the paper on a cardboard. These pieces will be used to cut the outline, or you can also use different cookie cutters for the shapes you require. The other materials you will require are a good assortment of acrylic colors for craft foam. You will also need a black marker if you are going to draw facial features or other designs on the foam.

Place the template on the foam and trace the outline if you are not comfortable cutting directly with the template being on the foam. You will need a sharp pair of scissors to get a clean cut. Once you have cut out the form you can embellish it with either drawing something on it or coloring it or sticking beads. After the paint or glue is totally dried, you need to attach something to it so that it can be hung. For this, thin colorful ribbons serve the purpose well. Cut six inch pieces of ribbon and fold them in half. Make a knot at each end and use a glue gun to attach this to the foam piece. Depending on the shape of the form you can either attach the end of the ribbon on the tip or in the center of your piece. These pieces are ideal as hangings for a Christmas tree or as gift tags that can be attached to gift parcels.