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Halloween School Crafts

Halloween in school is full of fun and children enjoy being together. You must plan it wisely to make sure that it goes smoothly and every child in the school is entertained by the Halloween party. Halloween crafts will define the party because this is what most children love.

Make sure that you do not use very expensive crafts supplies. You can get most of the supplies from school and you can also ask the children to bring some. It can also be easy to get crafts supplies from your local store as you will buy in bulk. When you have to buy the supplies, go to the store where you will get discounts. There are several crafts activities that can entertain the kids in Halloween party.

These include:

Halloween clips

Children like to make different Halloween clips. These clips last long and can be used in schools and also can be taken home for parents to see how creative their children are. Using papers, you and the kids can create different shapes that will look funny for the children. Cut them to various shapes and then stick those together using glue. You can also use magnets so that kids can hang the clips on refrigerators.

Egg carton decorations

Egg carton can be used to decorate the children classroom. During Halloween party, you can help kids to construct and paint the cartons in different ways. You can use them to make bats and ghosts or anything that you can create. These creations will remind the kids about their Halloween school crafts for some time after the day is gone.

Gourds painting

Gourds and pumpkins make the best paintings for the Halloween school crafts. These are crafts supplies that are readily available and do not cost much. Never skip this craft project and it's very entertaining. Make sure that you give children all the supplies including strings and wiggly eyes so that the kids will create the best crafts they can.


In most school Halloween parties, children always show off their masks at the end of the party. This is the funniest craft project for kids in school. Guide them in being very creative and they will surprise you with funny masks. This will mark a well entertained day for the kids at Halloween school party, thanks to crafts projects.