Homemade Halloween Crafts

One of the most popular ways to spend fun moments with your children during the Halloween season is engaging yourselves in homemade Halloween crafts. These do not have to be expensive projects or technical even. You can actually come up with great and thrilling homemade Halloween crafts from your kitchen. It is easy to come up with unique homemade craft projects for Halloween using simple kitchen materials.

For instance, you can settle on a unique Jack-O-Lantern. Your family might be tired of your boring Jack-O-Lantern. They may welcome the idea of creating something a little bit different from all the lanterns cladding that old look. To do this, all you need to do is to draw a fine circular outline all around the entire stem of a size pumpkin. You can then carve out the outline to feature an angle that is cone shaped when under the lid. Next, twist the lid off your pumpkin and remove all the pulp from inside with a spoon and a knife (scrape don't cut).

You can then draw the family's favorite face of a Jack-O-Lantern on your pumpkin and carefully cut through the prepared outline. All you need to do now is to place a flashlight inside or the tea candle and your traditional, boring Jack-O-Lantern is no longer tenable.

While executing this amazing Halloween craft, you need to be creative such that you can discover many other varieties and options to suit your family's desire. For instance, you may opt for green peppers as the goblins, for melons as the pale ghosts, for mandarins as the mini-Jack-O-Lanterns and for red peppers as the real devils.

The same is possible while making witch kitchen jars to give your Halloween dinner table an exotic and supremely unique look. This can be done by simply painting your glass jars with any of the popular Halloween colors such as black, green, red or silver and then label it with glued paper prints of assorted colors and font types. You can then spray some tea on the papers to give them a ghostly look, Vanish or wax can also be used on the painted glass jars as the finish of the witch jars.

Be creative and come up with your innovative homemade Halloween crafts. The best way to go about such a project with the kids is to show them each step and then to give them a chance afterwards to practice what you showed them on their own project. It is a great way to spend time with your family.