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School Crafts For Easter.

Easter is a time when everyone feels like Christmas has come again. It is a time when everyone is in high spirits. Sunday school is not left behind in Easter season. Children are given a chance to be part of the Easter celebrations in a major way. Adults have the duty to make the children understand the meaning of Easter apart from buying those candies and chocolates. To entertain kids during Easter, you should provide crafts depending on their age. You should encourage them to interact regardless of their ages. This will help the kids to be friends and the younger ones can ask for assistance from the older ones. Most Sunday school teachers also participate to make sure that the craft project is completed.

Most Sunday school crafts for Easter are done using the eggs. The egg signifies the Easter holiday. The eggs are usually dyed. There are few steps that are followed when dying the eggs :

* The first thing you need to do when preparing for the Sunday school crafts for Easter is boil the eggs. Be careful not to break the eggs when boiling them and make sure they are completely cooked before you remove them from the boiling pot. When they are ready, place them in a pot of cold water for a few minutes.

* Mix the dyes on time; you can buy the dye kits from your local store or use some homemade kits. Food color and vinegar can be used to give different colors.

* You can start immersing the eggs into the dye using a spoon. Let them stay in the dye for a few minutes so that they turn color completely. Then remove and dry them using a piece of cloth. You can give them an extra shine by using cooking oil.

* Always remember to cover the surface where you are working. Old newspapers can help avoid staining the table or any other surface that you are working on.

There are other ways that you can work on your Sunday school crafts projects without using dyes. A tissue is an excellent example. When wet, it can be designed in any way that you please. You can also use Styrofoam eggs instead of real eggs that risk breaking anytime and causing mess. The Styrofoam egg can also be decorated in many ways unlike the normal that limits you to once.