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Spring Craft Ideas

Spring is the time of beauty of nature and people like to decorate their homes in such a way that they can enjoy its freshness all the time. Here are some ideas for spring crafts to decorate your home:

* Spring Wall Banner: These banners are very beautiful and work as nice decoration in spring. You need a piece of felt, scissors, white glue, yarn, scrap piece of Felt and some other decorating accessories. Cut piece of felt into half and lay the piece of yarn on the felt along one of edges of felt. Put glue along that edge and fold it in such a way that it covers the yarn. Let it dry. Tie the ends of yarn to make a loop. To form appoint, cut off bottom corners of the felt. Cut any spring shape according to your choice and glue it on the banner.

* Potted Tulips: Take a construction paper and cut a tulip shape of it. Take a large craft stick and glue the tulip shape on its end. Push this craft stick to the bottom of a Styrofoam cup. It will look like the tulip is growing out of the pot.

* Baggie Butterflies : You can make a beautiful baggie butterfly with extra tiny paper pieces at your home. Collect some shining wrapping paper, any colorful paper and tissue papers. Put them into a plastic sandwich bag. Fold a pipe cleaner after gathering it from middle. Twist the both ends of pipe cleaner to make the body and antenna of butterfly.

* Sparkly Glitter Bottle: Another summer craft idea is making a glitter bottle which is very easy task and looks very beautiful. You need a plastic bottle of small size, hot glue, metal glitter and light corn syrup. First of all pour corn syrup into the bottle to 2/3 of it. Add glitters in the syrup. You can add small toys or plastic bead as well. Pour water in the empty space of the bottle and shake it after tightening its lid. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the bottle. Now you have made a sparkling glitter bottle. It will sparkle when you shake it.

* Heart Shaped: Crafting of heart shaped flowers is an easy task. You can make them in a few minutes and give an elegant and fresh look to your home. All you need to make them are colored straws, flowering pot, stapler, modeling clay and foam sheets or colored construction paper to make flowers.