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Spring Easy Crafts

Making crafts can be quite a satisfactory experience, particularly because it is possible to come up with a unique work of art without having to use a lot of money. There are very many craft ideas, most of them being very cheap and requiring only creativity, and some effort on the part of the individual. In spring, easy crafts can be made very easily, and similarly, one will not have to spend a lot of money if any, in making such crafts.

One of the common crafts that can be made in spring is the melting snowman. Obviously, spring involves weather changes, with the snow melting and the temperatures getting warmer. Making a melting snowman is easy, and all that is required are small pieces of sticks, a black marker pen, glue, some cotton bolls and white paper.

In making a melting snowman, two bolls of cotton are carefully stretched, so as to make them a bit more flattened. Thereafter, the two cotton pieces are held together by gluing them on top of each other.

A relatively wide and round piece of hard paper to be used as the base of the melting snowman is cut out. Glue is then applied to this base. The snowman is then decorated the same way as it is done for a normal snowman.

Thereafter, the cotton boll on top is marked with the black marker pen to make them the melting snowman's eyes and a mouth. Then, one of the sticks is shoved on each side of the snowman, representing arms. Finally, the melting snowman can be placed at any appropriate location as the individual may deem fit.

As evident from the above simple procedure of making a melting snowman, crafts made at springtime may be among the easiest works of art. Examples of other crafts that can be made during this season include making things out of foil. These may be figures of people, animals and so on. Foil is simply twisted to represent the figure intended, and final changes to represent the nose, ears and such features are added. This option is ideal for spring since it is mostly associated with indoors, and given that spring finds most families having spent time indoors, this option can be ideal. The other example of a possible spring easy craft would be the making of dolls out of paper, particularly loved by young girls.