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Thanksgiving Crafts To Make

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude and filling the hearts and minds with lost of positive vibes. A time to remember all the nice things that God has provided all of us with and also to spend some moments to consider how blessed we all have been, when compared to the poor and desolate all over the world.

Thanksgiving is also a perfect time to have some fun crafts and fun creative work to be done. But as always, the starting trouble is with the ideas. Unless you know what you want to do, or what would be the best craft project to do on the Thanksgiving Day, the project simply would not take off at all. So the first thing to be done is to look around for ideas. Now ideas are in plenty all over the web or even there are many books, self help guides and you could also ask for some creative input from your parents, grand parents or even friends and teachers. If you have already tried all these options, but are still unable to decide, then here's a good tip. Select the craft activity which will be having all the following qualities listed below:

* It should be easily doable and easily displayed

* Safe, smooth and cheap to get done.

* Should look attractive and appealing

* If it can serve multi purposes of providing fun, creativity and also can double up as food, that would be all the more wonderful.

So let us take all the points in to consideration and now, how about getting a fun to make and good to see and excellent to eat type of craft activity done? So let us make a wonderful cupcake. This cupcake is not the ordinary cup cake you have seen and eaten umpteen times. This is quite special because of the decoration. We will look at making a cupcake resembling a foot ball ground.

Get a cup cake ready for use. You may either get it baked using your favorite recipe or just buy some from favorite bakery. Now get this brown cup cake all green. You may be wondering how? Just use the frosting and keep the color of the frosting as green, to resemble the green and grassy foot ball ground. Now peel an apple and do not throw away the skin. You will need the apple skin to use as a flag and it needs to flutter so you will require attaching it to a pretzel stick and planting it in the green grass. The football can be any chocolate placed on the green ground. Your wonderful Thanksgiving Day craft is ready.