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Valentine School Crafts

Valentine school crafts are numerous, you just need the creativity to put all of them in to use. The under lying message being that of love, the use of hearts would be preferred in almost what ever you are going to create on the Valentine's day. After all it is day to let all your loved ones know, how much you love them. Teachers of Middle or elementary schools can select small and creative crafts which can be done in a relatively small frame of time and can be easily put together by the children. The over all appeal and beauty should not be sacrificed for the ease of doing of the project. Creative crafts are known for their visual appeal, the easy crafts should be excellent to look at too. The teacher should be able to have an idea of what the students can do, according to their age and other capabilities. Simple crafts which can be done any child should be chosen.

One such idea is creating a cute butterfly with lovely wings which are wonderfully shaped like hearts. The exact definition of the feeling of love is freedom and happiness. The butterfly with it wings made of lovely wings conveys the perfect message. These butterfly crafts can be either stuck on the wall or even gifted to the people whom you love, as a wonderful little embellishment on the hand written card you give to them. Children can gift this butterfly to their friends, parents, and teachers or to their favorite uncles or aunts or grand parents. The choice is entirely theirs. They can even make as many butterflies as they need to distribute among the people they love and adore.

The activity requires the use of only coloured construction paper and some wiggle eyes. First of all cut out 2 pairs of hearts from the construction paper. Then cut another pair which is comparatively smaller in size than the first. Now the smaller hearts may be used to form the anterior part of the butterfly's body and the bigger hearts can make up the posterior part. The wiggle eyes may be glued on at the region of the eyes. The butterfly wings should be decorated with lots of glitter, which can be glued on to the wings. The children will find it very easy to do and yes the creativity and visual appeal is quite excellent.