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1.5mm Semi-Precious Round Beads Wanted.

Q: I'm looking for 1.5mm round beads of semi-precious stones, specifically garnet, tourmaline, and sodalite. I've found plenty of 2mm beads, but they really have to be smaller, as they are peyoted with delicas (for 'Ann Paxton's' Spring & Santa, and other projects). I am willing to buy whole strands.

A: I just wanted to thank Suzanne for the HUGE list - I'm slowly working through them, which is a bit of a chore for me, as my husband works nights and we're never up during business hours to call the suppliers!!! The list is a great resource just to have around, as most of the companies listed can't be found on the web (believe me, I've searched using all the search engines!) I think everyone should have one!! My vote is for Suzanne to post it here, despite any rumblings that may occur (I'm new to this newsgroup but have caught some hints). You are welcome - and for anyone who wants a source list, here is a master list of lists: 'Balinese' Silver Beads & Findings; Chain; Components; Crystals; Display and Packaging; Findings; Furnace Glass; Gemstone Beads & Cabachons; Lampworking; Leather; Plastic Beads; Purse Frames; Sequins & Trim; Jewelry Tools; Trade & Native American Bead & Crafts; Vintage Beads; 'Venetian' Glass Beads; Watches and Watch Components; Wire and Sheet Metal; Wooden Beads & Boxes; Small Glass Bottles; Charms; Pearls; Seed Beads; Costumers & Reenactors Source List. Request one anytime. Well, after many, many private E-mails and posts to the board, I will continue to offer the lists. I sure have made some good friends this way! I will not post the lists on the boards, however. If I posted the seed bead list everytime someone is looking for a new source of seed beads, I'd get beheaded!