Advice On Ceramic Beads.

Q: Hey take a pic and try them on auction... maybe as a "close out" or a grab bag type thing. Who knows? It may get lots of action. They sound like ethnic beads, putting "ethnic" in the title (if you think that applies) may be a good sales point.

A: I have a whole box of ceramic beads which I made several years ago. They were produced for an order that was canceled. There are animal shapes, 'Easter Island'-type faces, heart shaped, round decorated, three hole stations, centerpieces, etc. Most are unglazed off-white stoneware with rust colored decorations. Most are 1/4 to 3/4 in. in diameter. Usually I have loads of ideas, but I can't think of any way to use these beads. I have thought about selling them, but don't know anyone who would want them. Any suggestions would be welcome. I have a friend who makes baskets and uses ceramic beads in the handle. She puts wire through them and then bends the wire to make the handle. Another suggestion is ceiling fan pulls. I wouldn't mind seeing the three hole ones myself, although I'm not sure what a "station" is... also the centerpieces... hearts... hey, take a scan and post it for us. We could better advise you then.