Are Any Beaders Also 'HAM' Radio Operators?

Q: I have a customer in Ohio that just asked me if I knew of any Beaders that are also 'HAM' radio operators (she is a beader and 'HAM' radio operator). She does not own a computer, but wanted some people to talk to about beading. I suggested that she write to all the 'Bead Societies' asking this question, and possibly she could get in the 'IGB' or 'Ren' Bead show flyers with this announcement for free, or worst case scenario, she could take out an advertistment in these publications, or the magazines.

A: She is in a town called "Yellow Springs". She orders from me by phone. After we hung up yesterday, she called right backed and asked me about the 'HAM' radio/beader combo because she would like someone to talk to about beading. We didn't discuss anything further, such as does she belong to a bead society, does she have any friends that bead, etc? From her voice, she is probably late 60's or possibly 70's. That's just a guess from the sound of her voice. I get the impression she has been beading for a while. She isn't going to get a computer. Ok I know a couple of people who do shows in Yellow Springs, even though they do not live there. I will try to find out if there is a bead society in her area. I live 20 minutes from Yellow Springs. She has probably met me at the 'HA HA' Show held every November there... I will be there again on Saturday, November 18. She and I can talk by telephone - my dad is a 'HAM' - but I never learned the code to get a license! LOL