Artistic Wire-Stuff.

Q: That really was my point exactly! I've got the coiling part down pat, but how do go from a narrow end, gradually get bigger in the middle, and then pare down again. Is there a cone-shaped bead inside?

A: I have been working with the twist and curl and for small projects, it is great. However, for larger projects, it is hard to get the volume you need. Before spending all the cash on the coiling gizmo, look very carefully at what they are made of. I went to the hardware store, bought a hand-held drill, and a small vise that clamps on the edge of my work bench. Then, I went to the hobby shop and bought different diameter rods to put in the chuck of the drill. Eureka!!! Got the same thing, spent about $30.00. Play with the wire, that's how I keep coming up with different things. I think that they're using heavier gauge wire and forming it to create the shape. In addition, there are beads on either end which allow you to not have to form it to the eye pin, or chain that you are creating. I have had to take time off to prepare for the holidays. I will try playing with it in the next couple of weeks.