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Beading Wire.

Q: I have a question. I hear about several kinds of beading wire products such as 'Soft Flex', 'Beadalon', 'Accu-Flex', 'C-Flex'...etc. I guess my question is: "Are they all same (or close enough )?" I would apreciate if you could share your experience with those wires.

A: I think 'Soft Flex' (particularly their new 'Soft Touch') is superior to the others. The 'Soft Flex' products are kink-less, and can be knotted. You pay more for it, though. Most people here would agree w/ Marilee - 'Soft Flex' is worth the price. I do know a woman who makes pretty necklaces with small lampwork beads and seeds, and uses the cheaper wires, but she advises her customers not to put the necklaces away "bundled up" in a jewelry box, but hanging up. What she doesn't say is, once those tiger-tail necklaces are folded over, they are folded over forever. And as for the price - if you use a lot or can share with a friend, it comes in 100ft spools that you can get for $25 - not too bad. Well, that really depends on HOW it's bent. If it's folded up, and has a lot of stuff shoved in on top, then yes, it will bend forever, but if you just lay it down, GENTLY curved, then no, it won't stay bent forever. Of course, if you FORCE it to bend, then it's ruined. Also, IF it is bent, that bend will now be a weak spot, and the plastic coating will gradually split there, thus allowing moisture, body oils, etc. to seep into the wires. Eventually, it will break there. That's the really BAD part of 'Tiger Tail'. In my experience, if you do get a bend, try to get it out as soon as you can. I have found that hooking it on a nail, or something similar, and stretching its length the another nail or two, so it is straight it's lenght will help some, but it depends on how long you leave it there. Even then, depending on the severity of the bend, you may still have a slight curve there. Has anyone else noticed that Tiger Tail eventually STRECHES over time? I have/had a necklace that was nice, and snug as a choker, but gradually loosened over the years until it broke, (well, it was 5 years old, went through the marines with me, so go figure.}:) ) I need to find different color beading thread that is stronger than sewing thread... I don't know beading terminology. I'm beading belly dancing scarves, and I'm inventing the way to do it.... I don't know how to thread the very small beads on very narrow yarn, so I use the larger beads. I thread all the beads on the spool of yarn and then crochet it together, continuously pulling the thread through the beads.