Bead Shops In Vegas.

Q: Does anyone know of any bead shops in Las Vegas? Thanks in advance!

A: Yes, I live in Vegas.... there are a few: 'Beads Plus', 'Sahara & Decatur', 'Beads and Findings', 'Decatur', 'Flamingo Beads and Things', 'Sahara and Rainbow', 'Love r Beads', 'Flamingo and Rainbow' and 'Williams Costume' on 3rd Place near Charleston. They are all different .....'Czech Beads' are the best prices @ Williams, and they have a lot of stuff the others don't have. You're on your own, though if you have questions about the modern kind of beading we all mostly do... it is kinda old fashioned there, but I like all the ladies that work there. 'Beads Plus' is the smallest, but has a lot for it's size and 'Beads and Findings' can be chaotic and unorganized . Best teacher is @ 'Plus'... I have not been to "Love" for a long long time, but from what I hear on the "vine" they still have tube prices. I've never seen "Things" except at the annual bead show in late May / early June. I buy almost everything I use wholesale and mail order because I use a lot, and the retail prices are prohibitive. 'Love' was bought by 'Beadmania' - I don't know when or if they are changing their sign info. Hopefully, it will mean some better service.