Bead Shows?

Q: Where are these bead shows everyone talks about? I am from South Central PA, and cannot even find a 'Bead Society' around here! Is there a site that tells where bead shows are across the country? I'd love to go to one and would travel, if the distance wasn't too far (well actually, I'd make my husband drive me)!

A: Get a copy of 'Lapidary Journal' - they list most of the bead shows. There are large bead shows sponsored by the 'International Gem and Jewelry Shows' at the convention center in 'King of Prussia' twice a year, usually October and March or April. From South Central PA, you ought to be able to make the 'Intergalactic Show' in Newark Delaware without much problem. The next one will be in April - check out the latest issue of 'Beadwork' for their ad - or someone here, I'm sure will supply a link to a listing. The South Jersey 'Bead Society' is having an exhibit (show?) on Dec. 9th in Moorestown NJ, which also would be in striking distance for you. That is also listed in the latest issue of 'Beadwork' (just got it today). Unfortunately, I'm going to miss that one because of a work related conference I have to do. I drive from Harrisburg to 'The Greater Washington Bead Show', which is a 2 hour trip. This is the best bead show that I have gone to. It's well worth the trip. It is held every November and April or May. The next one will be in May. Contact me off group and I will give you more details. I don't find the show in 'King of Prussia' is worth attending. It isn't very big, and doesn't have the buys that the Washington show has, and it takes just as long to get there from Harrisburg.