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Q: I have a webpage now, with my seed beaded jewelry! I do some three dimensional work that I made up my self. I would really like other beaders to see it. I'm at

A: You have a great site, and are a truly talented person! I absolutely love your hummingbird & eagle designs - very unusual. You should be proud of yourself! Your work looks great, but you are giving it away. You deserve to be paid more for skilled work than is paid for working at 'Mickey D's'. Why do you think beadwork skills almost disappeared for all those years? A skill that does not pay enough for a person to be able to make a living with soon dies out. That's what happened to the making of lace. Handskills are undervalued enough, and they are our heritage as women. Don't encourage it. Remember what men's handskills are paid (think carpenters for instance). Charge at least $10 per hour for your time, though most professional craftspeople would suggest a number more like $40.00 per hour. I really enjoyed looking at your beadwork. Your hummingbirds and butterflies are gorgeous. I would have to agree with all those who said you're underpriced, though. It must take hours per piece...remember, materials + overhead X your chosen factor + labor. Don't under-sell yourself. You've really got talent. I work with larger beads...your work makes my fingers itch for the seed beads. Maybe I'll have to give it another try.