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Beads On The 'Net.

Q: I'm finally on the 'net with some of my beads. I'm in the 'Perpetual Bead Show' at the 'Bead Bugle'.

A: Well, I took a class offered by a local glass store going on four ears ago. Prior to lampworking, I did stained glass, so I was already interested in glass crafts. It's not too expensive to get started - probably around $150 or so if you start with a basic 'Hot Head' torch. I'd also recommend taking a class from a real live person to learn the basics. Videos are OK if you have no choice, but it's a little hard to ask questions of a video! :~) The only warning I'd offer is - it sure can get expensive! If you really get hooked, and you probably will, you'll want to move up to a better torch in time, and you'll want to start buying all sorts of nice tools with which to work, and fun stuff to add to your beads, etc., and of course a kiln is necessary for annealing beads! I won't even mention the strong yearnings to take classes from world-class beadmakers.... It can get costly, if you've got champagne tastes (or even if you don't). I'm a "Trish" too. Actually a "Patricia" and I use "Tricia" most of the time. I took a look at your beads and I think they are great! I have never tried making glass beads, but would like to at some time. Too many things to do and bead, and so little time.