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Bead Stringing Machine?

Q: Were people here talking about a bead stringing machine, and if so, where can I get one? Does it work with all sizes of beads i.e. Czech beads from size 2/0 to 11/0?

A: You are looking for 'The Bead Spinner'. I've used it with size 6 through 11 with no problems - as long as the hole of the bead isn't clogged or too small to fit over the wire. It is a smallish (holds a hank?) spinning wooden bowl and a curved needle. The centrifugal force pushes the beads up the needle. They cost about $40. I'm new to jewelry-making, so please forgive the simplicity of my query, but could someone list the advantages of a bead machine over hand-stringing? Well, for one thing, they come in handy for when you must pre-string several feet of seed beads to make something like the crocheted Bulgarian bracelets, or crocheted purses. They save loads of time. The only problem is that it doesn't change colors on any pattern or schedule. You either get all one color, or a random mix. Now that I look at your question again, I wonder if you're thinking of stringing for, well, stringing, rather than weaving or crochet. The 'Bead Stringer' puts lots of seed beads on a thread so you can crochet/knit with them.