Beginning Stringing.

Q: I've recently taken up lampworking, and now that my beads are actually good enough to do something with, I want to learn about stringing. Are there any good books out there to explain stringing, findings, etc.? The bead shop where I took the lampworking class is about an hour away, so I don't get down there much, but would I be better off going back and getting them to help me?

A: IMO, the best all-around beginner book is 'Carol Taylor's' (I don't remember the exact title as my copy is loaned out at the moment!) It gives you a good overview of stringing single and multi-strand, what the various bits of findings are good for, and some beginning info in wirework. I won't swear that her techniques are the ones you will use forever, but they are functional. Don't expect specific details on the exact projects - use the pics for inspiration. I think you mean 'Creative Bead Jewelry'. I just re-found mine, it was a nice reunion. Perhaps I'll learn to string beads yet. :^)