Best Price For 'Soft-Flex' Wire?

Q: Can anyone tell me where to best online price for 'Soft-Flex' wire is? I found 100' of .014 for $23.25. They are out of stock currently, and I need it now.

A: I would also recommend going directly through the 'Soft-Flex' online catalog to get the best prices and service. I get all of my products through them and the service and quality are always great. They are very helpful with any questions you may have about a project or a product that they carry. I don't normally quote prices without a specific request for them, but my store (Metalliferous 888-944-0909) sells the 'Soft-Flex', 'Soft-Touch', 'Beadalon', and 'Acculon Tigertail' beading wires. We're pretty inexpensive. For example (and some of these prices might have changed a little since we last published our beading flyer), clear .014" 'Soft-Flex' (30 ft.) spools are $6.50 per spool for 1-5 spools and $6.25 per spool for 6+. 0.010" 'Soft- Touch' is $6.25 fr a 30 ft. spool. We stock every 'Soft-Flex' color and have, or will, get 100-ft. spools (or 1000-ft. spools in clear .014", .019", .024"). We have a $25 mail-order minimum, but we also offer 'Griffin' silk and nylon, 'Gudebrod' silk, 'Nymo' nylon, 'Memory Wire' in iron, cadmium-coated iron and stainless steel, cow leather, goat leather, satin cord (rat tail), crimp beads, tools, etc, etc., etc. This is in addition to all of our metal supplies, too. I hope nobody really minds the promotional message, but I see a lot of people asking for really good prices on certain items and I thought more people should know what I stock. I'm glad you got through. School season has just started and we get swamped with hundreds of jewelry students. Not that I mind, but it can be difficult picking items AND explaining what everything does for 10 hours straight.