"Cat Pattern".

Q: There is a pattern I am searching for that has numerous cats on a amulet bag, with each being a different color. Who is the designer?

A: Who is the designer? I believe the one you are looking for is by 'Connie' who is on this list... Wonderful pattern! You may be referring to my Amulet titled: "Cats of Many Colors". It has 13 cats that wrap around the bag. Go and look, it is in this guest gallery: http://www.geocities.com/~anniebee/cwelch.html I'm pretty sure the one you are looking for is by 'Suzanne Cooper'; check her website (www.suzannecooper.com) or 'Etcetera', a monthly craft 'zine (www.eebeads.com/Webzine). I seem to remember seeing it there, along with a pic of a completed amulet bag of that pattern. I believe the pattern you are talking about is called "many kitties", and is either one of 'Suzanne Cooper's' or 'Carol Wilcox Wells'' fantastic designs.