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"Cat's Eye" Beads - Help Please.

Q: Hi, i'm new here and I hoped that someone here might be kind enough to point me in the right direction if they can help, I would really love some 'Cat's Eye' [fibre optic} beads in pale green, blue, beige, and pink. Could anyone let me know if they have any ideas of where? I have searched a few online stores and auctions, and no luck, except for already strung power bracelets/necklace/etc.

A: 'Fire Mountain Gems' in Oregon has a very nice selection. You can reach them at: 1-800-423-2319 You can call for a catalog or reach an operator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need additional information, be sure to call during regular business hours PST. Nice people to do business with. I just got my bead order today, and got some fantastic close-out prices! I have cat's eye beads - I just haven't got around to scanning them yet! I have them in 8mm, and can get them in 6mm and 4mm. I have Dark Blue, Emerald Green, Yellow, and I can get them in about 3 or 4 other colours (only, I have not scanned them, I've lost the colour list .... Sigh). I am happy to ship to England; I use air mail, and charge just the cost of the package. Here's my website - with no picture of fibre optics (maybe by Sunday) I'm not sure if they are the beads you are after, but 'PJ Minerals' have what they call 'Cat's Eye' beads. They're very bright, almost glowing in the middle. They have them in 6 colours: blue, green, red, yellow, purple, and aqua. They have sizes from 4mm to 8mm. The price in their catalogue is incorrect, they are between 8p to 15p each retail - less if you buy more. They can be found at, or contact them on 01704 575461 - they are always very helpful. They sell all sorts of beads wholesale, as well as retail. If you want their address as well, let me know.