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E-Beads. Other Options?

Q: I am working on a new project and started to use some "E" beads I had on hand from a local craft store. Unfortunately, they won't work for this project cuz the sizes are so inconsistent. I know I've seen folks talk about size consistency before, but can't recall if it's only the 'Miyuki'/'Delicas' that are consistent...or are Czech beads fairly consistent also? They don't need to be "exactly" the same...just pretty close.

A: Also...I've never used 'Miyuki'/'Delica' or small Czech beads...could anyone tell me what the size of each of those would be (of the same approximate size as a regular old "E" bead)? I just measure one that I'm using and it seems to be about 5mm x 3mm, if that helps. I'd say that pretty well describes Czech beads, so they should be what you are looking for. Japanese are the most consistant beads; Czech are fairly consistent; French and Chinese beads are good enough for most craft stores to sell, but not usually consistant enough to suit beaders. You could try Japanese "E" size beads. They are quite consistent. Check out 'Copper Coyote' ... they have a webpage (not sure of the address). They are wholesale, but have a listing of all their retail outlets. Great beads, and good prices.