'Earring Parts Supplier'.

Q: I'm not looking to pay big money for quality components, yet since I'm just trying my hand at earrings for the first time, is this a good store to buy from over the net, or is there a site that is far and beyond the Superstore for crafts supplies?

A: "SS" usually means 'Sterling Silver', and "GF" usually means 'Gold Filled'. These are better quality findings, that you will have to order or find at a local bead-store. I think each of us has a favorite supplier or three. I have a fairly large list of suppliers of beads and findings (another name for jewelry parts) which is on a different computer (DRAT)! If you would like a copy, please send me an E-mail requesting it. I'll have to send it from the other computer (where I get E-mail). 'HG' = 'Hamilton Gold' (an imitation gold plating used over base metals). 'IR' = 'Imitation Rhodium' (an imitation rhodium/silver plating used over base metals). 'SG' = possibly 'Silver Gilt' (maybe a very thin silver plating) SS = 'Sterling Silver' (the real stuff) FG = I assume that you meant 'GF', or 'Gold-Filled' (a sandwich of real gold over a brass core) As an earring wearer and earring maker, I suggest always using the best findings you can afford, and if you are using a design incorporating hooks or posts for pierced ears, always use either sterling ('SS'), gold-filled ('GF'), or 14k gold. Plated metals and even surgical steel can irritate skin within a few hours. There's not a lot worse than your favorite earrings making your ears itch! I've been exceptionally pleased with the products, prices, and service of 'Rio Grande' and 'Rings and Things'.