'Fire Mountain Gems'.

Q: Does anyone have the snail mail address for 'Fire Mountain Gems', and what is the cost of their catalog? I had the info...but crashed!

A: By using their website, I think you get the catolog for free, if not, it's 3 dollars. I am sadden by their price hike, and reduction in quantity. I am now searching for other suppliers, putting up the price can be acceptable, but to reduce the quantity at the same time, is just plain greedy. 'FIRE MOUNTAIN GEMS' 28195 Redwood Highway, Cave Junction, Oregon 97523-9304 Phone:[800] 423-2319 I don't remember the cost of the catalog, but you could call the "800 number", and find out. You can get a free catalogue through 'The Bead Bugle' at http://www.nfobase.com