Fusing Elastic Cord.

Q: I've purchased some of the clear elastic cord for making bracelets. I understand it can be fused, but I've tried heating it, and it melts everything instantly. Is there some trick to fusing ends so you have a continuous strand?

A: I have worked with the clear elastic and found that the flame of a lighter would fuse the knot. Another person said she heated up her curling iron, and set the knot on it to fuse it. I have not tried that technique myself, but it sounds like it should work great. Oh wait, you're fusing the KNOT? That might make a difference. I could never get it to work when I tried to fuse two pieces together. I have a couple of bracelets made with the elastic cord, and their ends aren't fused, but crimped. I just thought you might want to know! Unless you are talking about string material that has a high synthetic content, you can fuse it. If you are trying to burn elastic cord, you will be doing nothing but burning rubber, and good luck with the stench from it all. I suggest using a good quality glue to set your knots.