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'Gick' Beads.

Q: I began a bracelet using some 'Gick' beads I had laying around (not the greatest of beads, but I liked the color). Unfortunately, I do not have enough of them to finish the bracelet, and have been unable to match them with another brand. They are 11/0 size, and the color is called "MardiGras #4-99". The problem I have is that the stores here that carry 'Gick' beads, are now carrying numbers beginning with 5- rather than the 4-. Does anyone know where I can write to 'Gick', or find these outdated beads, or perhaps even know if they have a website?

A: I know that 'Gick' is no longer in business. All the different parts of 'Gick' were either sold, or just shut down. I wish I could give you better news, sorry. I'm going back to 'JoAnn Fabrics' and checking out the new stock they have. It is all from 'Gick'. It is the small boxes with Czech pressed glass, and some semi-prec. stones. I'm wondering if someone unsuspectedly purchased product that cannot be replenished. Yes, they do sell direct, and yes, they have the exact color I needed! Thanks so much for the information! In case anyone else would like the site, it is: ...check under products.