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Glass Beads or "Dust"?

Q: I'm looking for very small glass beads or even glass dust, if it exists.

A: You will find that small glass particles are referred to as glass frit. Frit comes in three sizes: fine, regular, and coarse. I would only caution you about one thing; when working with glass frit always wear a respirator. Small glass particles that become airborne are very hazardous if inhaled, and will stay in your lungs. The only sure way to keep the dust to a minimum is to wet it down thoroughly. The smallest stuff I have found (aside from glitter) is a product I got at Michael's called something like BeadEasy. (That may not be correct...) It is really teensy glass balls, like gold shot in fine jewelry only in all colors, which you are supposed to use with glue to decorate sweatshirts and stuff with a seed-bead look and no sewing. I use the gold and silver in Fimo work, but they do have other colors. It comes in tubes on hang cards, usually in the clothing decoration section of craft stores.